Appalachian Heart Center - Hazard, Kentucky

The Appalachian Heart Center is an award-winning Appalachian (Kentucky) Hospital with a long history of caring for people with heart disease and those who have lost a loved one to heart disease. The Center's mission is to promote and encourage healthy lifestyles in the Appalachian community and educate and empower patients and their families through medical expertise, compassion and advocacy.

appalachian heart center hazard ky

As we walk through the Southside Trail on our way to Simpsonville, we pass along the Alabama River. Along the Southside Trail, you'll find all the accoutrements you'd expect in an Appalachian Hospital - old buildings, paved paths, firewood gathering sites, churches, schools, food trucks, bathrooms, etc. All of this adds up to a thriving town, one that is rich in history and culture.

The lovely town of Simpsonville was also a hub of Alabama's mining industry, especially storm water retention. Simpsonville, Ky., has lots of walking trails, nature preserves, historic places, fishing lakes, ponds, etc.

As we stroll along the Appalachian Trail near our destination, we notice two things; two distinct and colorful homes on either side of the trail. Next to them is a beautiful adobe structure on the edge of town. This adobe structure, Juniormark, was constructed by some of the miners who helped build the first railroad in Kentucky. Juniormark was the home of John Berry, a coal miner and pioneer of western Kentucky.

Juniormark was quite popular among miners and members of the African-American community because of its proximity to their mining activities. As a result, we see many Civil War era photos of blacks, most of them from the towns that today is an economic powerhouse. The unique neighborhoods of those days still exist today, but not so far away from the attention of the tourist.

Juniormark is the site of many historical places. In the historical section of the Museum of Juniormark Civil War History, you'll find documents, family genealogy, photographs, books, articles, and a restroom.

In Juniormark, Kentucky, we come upon another interesting history. During WWII, the United States Army was located there and the Air Force was housed there, too.

We will stop at a monument, which commemorates the life of General Grant Berry. Our tour continues to the next leg of the trail as we make our way to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

In Jackson Hole, Wyoming, we see the beautiful historic schoolhouse, along with several other buildings that are part of the h.h.y.r. Hospital, The Mary Grace Greenhouse, and a medical clinic.

At the Emory Colleges in Atlanta, Georgia, we find the Tennessee Hospital, which include, among others, the Ernest N. Morial Hospital, the St. Michael's College Hospital, and the Nichols Research Institute. Nichols Research Institute was established in Memphis, Tennessee, in the early 1900s.

We stop by Juniormark in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We leave at the Blue Mountain Brewery and explore the town in the Carriage House. We find a restaurant and snack place and I order an ice cold beer.

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